Foam Flooding System
Foam Flooding System Foam flooding systems can be both automatically and manually operated. The most frequently used solution to generate a suppression initiation signal is for the fire alarm system to issue a fire alarm. However, the suppression initiation signal may also be generated otherwise if needed (such as using pilot systems).
In order to avoid false alarms and the resulting damage the fire extinguishing system usually starts operation only once a pre-programmed amount of time has passed. During this delay those who are at the location can disable the suppression if they have ascertained beyond any doubt that the suppression is not necessary. The extinguishing system based on light foam flooding fills the protected section with foam up to its full height. In the space filled with the foam the foam cuts off oxygen from the fire, which is a prerequisite for burning, so it is also best suited for the suppression of fires with deep-seated places of origin.
An extinguishing system based on light foam flooding reduces to the minimum the secondary damage caused by the extinguishing foam during the suppression, as opposed to other foam-based or water-based extinguishing techniques, during which an amount of extinguishing material seveal times greater needs to be delivered to the protected area.
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